Friday, January 14, 2011

Southbound and Down!

Dear Winter Dwellers,
Not to be completely rude but the following is being generated via patio chair under a 20 something degree heat.  Life is good as Tucson Bike Camp 2011 is underway in spectacular fashion.  With our slick pad nestled in the Catalina Foothills above the bustling city of Tucson, Arizona (especially with Brock Obama in town) and just below the towering legend that is Mt Lemmon.  With gorgeous weather and numerous riding palz in the area training time’n by like a G6 (not a big fan of the Orig’).  Below contains the story about how I arrived  in this paradise as well as some Go Pro footage of our adventure thus far.  
Following Hockey Dangles and Skate Ski Till Ya Drop Season I hoped in good ol’ Shark Attack and made my way back to the Land of Living Skies.  Said “Holla Yo!” to the parents and gathered some valuables just in time to depart with Big Quif (H and R Block Recruit Bradley ‘The Tiger Tamer’ Clifford).  Bright and early Monday morning we loaded Quif’s Pontiac Vibe (later christened Will Smith) full to the gills with bike junk.  Departed with a quick stop at the SCA for high 5’s and Superstore for there excellent selection of candy and vegetables.  
Off we traveled, and traveled, and as we became more and more tired, greasy and haggard looking the weather became exponentially more spectacular.  From -31 packing the car to +25 on the Phoenix freeway we traveled through snowstorms, over mountain peaks, across deserts for 3100km.  Below is a glance into the doors of our journey:

Untitled from cody canning on Vimeo.

Today is day 3 in Arizona and I’ve got a few good rides in already.  On Thursday while riding with Matt Krahn we met up with Phil Zajicek (Pegasus Racing) and ended up riding a few loops of Sugaro National park.  Had a chat about his teams sponsorship problems but sounds like they might end up with a reasonable program at the end of the day.  Good dude, hope they get a program together.  Thats all for now.

Catch ya later Little Riders!


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