Saturday, January 08, 2011

Q’est Qu Sup!

September first was the day I realized I had fully ‘burnt my toast’ and I hung the bike up after a long, mostly frustrating season.  Signed up for a Geology Assistant gig in north eastern Saskatchewan and worked for nearly 40 straight days.  Did a few of those cyclocross races every other weekend through October.  Worked for the father chasing Pigs down the pipeline for the months of October and November.  Ate a lot of food in December and then decided I liked being fit sometime around Christmas and started training again for realz.  Dropped the Jenny Craig and P90X (5 hours of activity per week) bullshit.  
Now lets scrap the hint of negativity.  Got accepted to the Institute of Red Truck Racing.  Finally got a handle on my back issues that i’ve been battling the past 4 years thanks to a great physeo @ the UofA  with notable mention to Tara Baker and Dr. Au.  Purchased a Powertap and reflected on the enormous learning experience last season was.  The bank account is healthy, a 7 week training camp is about to kick off in Tucson, Arizona and I couldn’t be more excited to get this season of bike racing and travels underway.
With fabulous weather in Edmonton this week i’ve been able to shred a deep groove into the Goldbar ski trail system.  Got out for some indoor shinny 3 times this week and got my dangle on.  Even managed to get on the rollers a few times (usually rare in these parts).  Should end up being 16-18 hours of training depending on my motivation to get up real early on Sunday before my icy trek across the prairies.  Upon arrival in the Regina area I will say hello to the parents, quickly regroup with a few things and then depart.  @ 7:00 Monday morning I will be on my way south.  Exactly 28 hours later I should be somewhere in the desert, fully shattered, beyond finished with car disco parties and ready to drop into a 14 hour coma.  Joining me on this wonderful journey will be fellow Saskatchewan Native at heart...Bradley Clifford. 

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