Thursday, January 20, 2011

Random Thoughts...Arizona Edition

Wud Up!

Post ‘Brain ‘n Body Cushin Ride’ Update.  Random thoughts...
Everything in ‘_’ is already copyrighted phrases of Wildcat Productions.  Just FYI.
Wildcat is currently on the ‘Ride Lots - Get Fast’ program.  
Program includes a percentile scale from 0-110% of my ‘Painbox’ current fullness.  
110% = My everything hurts real bad.  Mandatory bed rest is the only way out.  
0% = Fresh as a daisy!
You get the idea.
Tucson House Name : Super Deadly Fun House
Helmet Cam footage...included!!

Untitled from cody canning on Vimeo.

What has Wildcat been up to lately???
Wednesday Jan 12: 
Really tired from drive.  Drink 1 liter of coffee.  Build ‘Sick Whip’.  Sunflower Market with Big Quiff.  1.75 hour soft pedal around town.  Decorate ‘Super Deadly Fun House’ to specs.  Painbox @ 30% (travel induced).
Thursday Jan 13:
1 liter Coffee + half jar of fresh Almond Butter.  2.75 hour ride with Matt Krahn around Old Spanish/Sugaro National Park.  Ran into Phil Z.. and he told me stuff about riding in Tucson and then dropped me.  2 hour cat nap.  Painbox @ 20%.
Friday Jan 14:
3.75 hour ride with Big Quiff around Gates Pass and such.  Phase 1 of a bonk in last 30 min.  Crushed 1 bag of chips + 1 jar of salsa.  Tanned my whiteness.  2 hour cat nap.  Painbox @30%.
Saturday Jan 15:
4.25 hour ride with Matt Krahn around the Shootout Loop.  Matt is faster than me and made me go beyond the pace of a slow moving Buffalo which I wasn’t happy about.  Frog ‘n Fergin Pizza with Saskies.  Very delicious!  Cuylar faked being sick from eating way too much and was a downer.  Saskie movie night.  Painbox @ 60%.
Sunday Jan 16:
Out of food.  2 massive trips with a bike and backpack to the grocery store.  People questioned my sanity cramming 50lbs of food in 1 backpack.  Don’t remember... Painbox @ 30%.  
Monday Jan 17:
3.25 hours with the Corey Torgness Ramp Test.  Findings...out of shape!  Movie night with Saskies.  Painbox @ 40%.
Tuesday Jan 18:
I Liter of Pecan Nut Roast Coffee.  5 hours with Julia Garnet + others for a bit.  Blacked out memory.  Painbox @ 60%
Wednesday Jan 19:
3.75 hour ride with Big Quiff.  High end Aerobics up Lemmon (only up to mile 8).  Road to the Trek Concept Store and the owner traded me for a different length stem...SICK!  Movie Night.  Watched Wall Street.  Passing Grade.  Transformers...not so much.  Painbox @ 60%
Thursday Jan 20:
4.5 hours riding the Shootout Loop with Saskies.  1 flat tire.  In and Out Burger post ride.  Typing this update.  Painbox @ 70%.  
Bye Mom!


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