Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tour of Walla Walla Stage 1

Once upon a mid spring Thursday our lion hearted cycle squad hit the highway for the first major bike event of the season. In the distance the Tour of Walla Walla sat squarely in our crosshairs. Our jet black Hyundai gained entry into America, pushed through a treacherous mid spring storm and landed in a quaint, picturesque town called Waitsburg. A quick bout of shuteye and a bodum or two later and we were out in the sun, pre riding stage 1’s road race on a beautiful Friday morning. As the day progressed the excitement mounted. The race was about 100km in length on rolling terrain, finishing on top of a 3km climb. The race began, attacks were covered, TRT was at the front, power goos were consumed and the inevitable field gallop up the final climb came soon enough. Felix did a sick pull into the climb and up the first half km and swung off for our GC riders and stage hunters to seek glory. High lactate levels were felt by all and when the dust settled Cody ended up 12th with the troops rolling in shortly after.  Our squad this year is a young, keen and motivated group; so we all rolled back to our fabulous host homes seeking improvement in the critter-on the following morning. 

Michele Schwingboth @ www.Plushphoto.ca

By: Me
By: Me
Michele Schwingboth @ www.Plushphoto.ca
Michele Schwingboth @ www.Plushphoto.ca

Monday, April 16, 2012

4th Annual Trek Red Truck Santa Rosa Training Camp

Woo wee! So we just wrapped up possibly the largest block of big bike miles my legs have ever witnessed, and I couldn’t be more stoked for the upcoming season. Our management has assembled an incredibly rad group of athletes, sponsors and supporters once again. The program just gets better every year. Throughout the week, everyone got to know what made each other tick.  Weather that was watching Dustin Andrews decimate an incredibly deep and talented ping pong field in the Janky Cup, or watching Chris White get his shiny white Sidis stuck in the mud along the Grasshopper route during Kings Ridge.  Throughout camp everyone came together to become both friends and teammates, which should come in handy once the chaotic bike tournaments begin. 
I’ll give you a brief peak into my perspective of our week.
Day 1 - We biked, in the sun.. fast. Bailey McKnight looks funny with a Go-PRO strapped to his head. The team house is ridiculously nice and we eat very, very well. 
Day 2 - More fast biking. The team this year has some serious horsepower, no jokes. Ping Pong training began. Adam De Vos’s hot balm is completely ridiculous. 
Day 3 - More and faster biking. KOM’s and town sign sprints are out of control. Sound system running hundo pee with electro bangers. Really pumped to see the entire gang again. 
Day 4 - Biked over some mountains for some wine and duck. Matt Barth’s motivational speaking comes from a universe beyond mans understanding. AKA highly effective. Legs still work.
Day 5 - Legs no longer work. Sven is an absolute legend. Unnamed rider “refuses to pedal” after a serious bonk 100km from home. Powerbars do increase power. Sometimes the best rides are the ones that suck the most. 
Day 6 - Legs feel like overcooked asparagus. More hard, long, climbing intensive biking.  Pool parties, Fro Yo and Jelly Beans. Thrown into a pool with clothes on, loud music and fine wine. 
Day 7 - Delicious team dinners. Coffee ride turns rogue with both masters and young guns turning some big chainrings at a high rate of speed and aggression. Everyone has an afternoon coma. 
The End! 


Monday, March 26, 2012

Abandonment Post


Just was reminded this thing blog thing exists.

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Enumclaw Vids

Hey Gang,

Here are a couple vids from the race I did this past weekend.  2nd in the crit and 2nd wheel is the crash video.  Lots of good times happening with the TRT boys so far.

MUTUAL OF ENUMCLAW STAGE 2 Criterium Pro 1/ 2 Men  ENUMCLAW, WA 2011 from
RideITLikeUstoleIT!!! on Vimeo.

$200 Prime gone wrong - Pro / 1/ 2 in Enumclaw Crit 2011 Crash from RideITLikeUstoleIT!!! on Vimeo.

Ill hopefully write something legit up soon but the most exciting news involves my new ability to ride time trials mediocre fast as well as being able to beat 4 Garneau riders in a 5 man breakaway.  Also i've been chosen to ride the Tour de Beauce with the National Team in a few weeks time.  Other than that i've been doing excessive amounts of sleeping and drinking coffee.