Thursday, February 04, 2010

The Lost Post

Yoyo Gang!

This is CC Awesome Possum reporting from Chrysler Intrepid headquarters migrating at mach 130 down an icy black tarmac on my way to cactus paradise. Captaining the Intrepid (aka shark attack) and spitting out to some “Money Maker” by Ludacris is fellow migrator Kelly Hall. Together we make up a special do-wap group called Pony Patrol or S Club Kelly, were not sure yet.

Unfortunately 2010 has handed me an injury card and i’ve been rigorously combating the problem areas. I came out of the last physeo appointment with Trent confident that the routine we constructed would be able to keep my back issues at bay. The winter migration is officially rolling in a southern direction and I am extremely happy the season is almost here. We are planning on landing in Tucson, Arizona where the sun shines and the riding is plentiful. The drive is an estimated 31 hours and we will without a doubt conquer this in one shot. Out for now.

CC Tired Boy reporting for the second time somewhere near the outer limits of Salt Lake City. We are playing a game of ‘who can spot the first waffle joint’ for our first stop lasting longer than it takes to fill the tank with gas (which is crazy cheep as soon as you cross the border BTW). The border crossing into America was an uneventful one as Kelly was driving and the border patrol expected nothing as Shark Attack struggled to find the proper window. O YEA! I spy, with my little eye, an I HOP! Later for now.

We have arrived! So CC pulled through and conquered most of the second half of the drive. Seeing the Hoover Dam and all the road construction surrounding it was by far the koolest part of our journey. Speeding 20 miles per hour over the speed limit passed a pulled over cop with its lights turned off was a close call. Especially when seeing the guy behind me getting pulled over haha. Not much to report other than I am about to sleep for a long while.

Take er easy until next time friends,


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