Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hello Gang!!!

This post is being brought to you via a Ford f150 4x4 somewhere along the Saskatchewan/Manitoba border. We’ve got a 99 Red Balloons Remix pumping as pigs are being chased across the snowy countryside. Beside me, keeping the nutritional end of things healthy is a 1kg bag of raw vegetables. Balancing it out is an equally large bag of custom trail mix containing 50% chocolate. If anyone out there can outdo my trail mix, I salute them.

Sadly this will be my last stint as a full time pipeliner for at least the next 8 months. As one job or period ends, another begins. Starting February 1 will be the second annual Tucson Death Camp for the Benefit of Aerobic Endurance or TDC-BAE. A short TDC-BAE summery could include:
- ride until you drop for 3 weeks
ride slightly slower and shorter for a few days
ride until you drop for 2 more weeks
10 day National Team training camp
Walla! 2010 base training complete.

Stop! Take it back! Aka rewind back to the holiday season. My post Costa Rican state resembled that of a sloth. Basically, I went into a 6 day coma. A typical day consisted of sleeping 12-14 hours a night, playing at least 6 hours of COD, catching up on missed butter tart consumption and trying not to move. Finally the decision was made that a sloths life is not the life for me and I started joining in on some outdoor stick and puck. Each match was followed by my body falling back into a 24 hour coma. As im finding out the recovery process is a long one after shattering your body’s will to live.

Recent days have brought some much needed time on the skate skies. In my opinion skate skiing is ridiculously fantastic off season training for a cyclist. It works pretty much every muscle in your body with a lot of core and endurance focus. On the business end i’ve been busy trying to get my equipment and race scheduling ducks lined up. New shoes are on the menu as my current kicks are 3 full seasons broken in. The road bike has been fully decked out and re-tuned by expert bike ninja Lang. Thanks a lot!! Tires for the 2010 MTB and road season will be provided by Schwalbe which Im super duper stoked about. Best tires on the market in my opinion. A basic race schedule has carefully been crafted and the previous seasons training is being put under a magna fine glass by super bike coach Corey Torgness. Things are slowly coming together :)

Keepin shit legit!


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