Tuesday, April 06, 2010

I need to learn how to use a camera but I am somewhere in the photo below if you play a little where's Waldo


My Web Tales neglect has passed even my grossly limited expectations and for this I feel deep regret. The Sunshine Shamfest is now in the vault for another winter as spring has sprung and I am now back above the 49th. This post comes with its own satisfaction guarantee so I urge you to follow the rhythm, follow the flow, blog post blog post here we go...

Post National Team Slugfest I spent most of my time conquering the game of Mario Cart Wii. The second largest portion of my time (minus sleep) was spent on mountain bike exploration. I got back to my roots and spent some quality time with the good ol’ Vertex on cactus packed singletrack. Post ride has been spent surfing the internet for info and applying exercises to try and correct my hip imbalance. This problem has kept me from doing ridiculously awesome bike miles the past month. On a positive note I now have ripped abs from all the exercises...but I still pedal crooked.

My first ever mustache has been sported for the better part of the last month but was deemed unproductive at both bike speed and chick magnetism. The season debut was made this past weekend in Fontucky USA as myself and Shark Attack made the journey westward. Awaiting my arrival was Skelly (team wrench), Coach Proulx, S-Track Attack L’esperance, E Guthrie and personal masseuse Zach Hughes.

Fontucky Cross Country:

Start posish was based on UCI points and I ended up being called somewhat near the front surprisingly. I found myself ice cream sandwiched between Barry Wicks and Jeremiah Bishop with some 60+ racers behind me. Practicing for my World Cup debut I started fast trying to get ahead of the guaranteed bottleneck on the first singletrack climb. Mission accomplished as I rolled comfortably over the climb and half way around the track with the front group still within sight. As payment for this effort I exploded catastrophically. I found myself in the scene of Tallidaga Nights when Ricky Bobby first gets back on the track after his horrific crash and he is racing around the track at 20km/h while everyone else is flying by him. Other racers were doubling and even tripling my speed as I threw anchor (a large one) at maximum effort trying to recover from my rookie move. I did manage to recover slightly for a while but I felt like I was riding in slow motion for most of the race.

S-Track Fontucky:

15 min plus a lap. Started in the very back of this one as call ups were based on short track results (never done one in my life). Started relaxed and conservative trying not to feel the hurt like the previous day. I was rolling in a group from 15th-25th for most of the race until the last two laps where I lost some ground over the climb and then augured myself into the dust pit decent where I got passed by everyone not yet pulled.

Fontana US Cup = Success...Lessons learned and race fitness gained.

Made the drive from LA to Summerland, BC in 2 days. Saw a semi truck’s engine on fire on a massive mountain climb...literal flames pouring out of the engine. Home base in Summerland is a cabin in the middle of an orchard heated by a wood stove. Quite siked about working some axe magic for the next few days. Spent Easter with my sister whom is going to school in Kelowna now. I just put the finishing touches on my preparation for the Pan Am Championships. Notably with a 160km slugfest through the rain and snow with a couple juniors out of Calgary. Stayed the night before my flight at the Guthrie’s house so I could catch a ride to the airport in the morning. Evan made some tubular pancakes and coffee. Thanks for the ride Evan! Now its time to shake some fatigue and use a slightly smaller anchor this time around in Guatemala.


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