Monday, April 26, 2010

Holy Volcano Gang!

Short update from the Edmonton International as I dodge volcanic ash and start a milk run journey to my European World Cup debut...

Post Guatemalan fun times I landed at (as Evan Guthrie would put it) the Kelowna International Airport with Super National Team Bike Coach Dan Proulx. Evan and Shark Attack thankfully picked me up and we threw downed some IHop satisfaction. About an hour after I got the wood stove burning at the Delefs Orchard Cabin in Summerland came a wicked bout of Guatemalan Revenge. I caught a bug and was pretty down and out as I spent time between the bathroom and my bed for 2 days. Before heading back to Edmonton I made sure to put in one last bike effort and pounded up the infamous Giants Head climb at wicked intensity...I think I saw Scooby Doo riding a unicorn at the top.

Back in Edmonton I saw the Doc and got some anti-biotic’s to clear my washing machine-esq. stomach (after one pill it cleared up 95%). Went to the greatest bike shop I know (Revolution Cycle) and built up my new Cannondale Flash. Ripped it for two hours in the river valley and decided it is officially the best hardtail in existence...too bad the medium frame ended up being quite a bit longer than ideal. This worked greatly in Kyle Anderson’s favor as he took ownership of the Medium Flash and I will await a small in the coming weeks. Also Revolution Cycle has a new bike fitting area using the Specialized BG fit system which is really kool. Check it out as a proper fit is crucial to bike riding fun.

The Hardcore Spring Series race took place in T-Park this past Sunday. It was a good event as I sorted out some mechanical issues and got my interval session done in a fun environment. Pedalhead’s new Oilers edition kit is fabulous btw and I couldn’t think of a better model for the debut than Hot Sauce himself.

As many of you know a volcano got angry and the majority of Europe is in a cloud of earth dust. As airplanes kryptonite is ash i’m pretty much screwed out of a flight to London until May 2 (the day of the second World Cup) because of wait lines and the fact they didn’t cancel my flight until 2.5 hours prior to lift off. Not wanting to miss out on good times im taking matters into my own hands and taking the only flight currently going to Europe...Rome. From there Scott Kelly and myself are going to hopefully make our way northward. Powering our journey will be maple syrup bribes and a friendly Canadian smile. Euro trip...engage!

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