Thursday, December 10, 2009

First Post Yall

Hello Gang!

Well here is attempt number two at the blogging world. I will try my best to get a post up Farley regularly depending on exciting events and motivation. Here is a quick abbreviated update of the last few months to get the 1 or 2 people who will read this up to date.

This past fall i've been working for the Pa along the pipeline in Saskatchewan and Manitoba. It involves long days and a lot of driving. But on the plus side my bank account is finally happy again. I only managed a few cyclocross races this fall as my main goal was to work and rest from a long hard road and MTB season. The 2010 training season started for me on the first of November which is by far the earliest ever. I've signed myself up for a 12 day road stage race in Costa Rica which runs from December 16-28. It should be a really cool experience and some great training. Christmas is my favorite time of year and im sad about missing it but im told we will have a family christmas when I get home.

Present - Its the 10th of December and im now done working until the new year. Im super excited about my first real bike sponsorship ever. Cannondale Bikes has stepped up and is going to be supplying me with a road and MTB for the 2010 season. Travis from Revolution Cycle pretty much made this happen. So a big thank you to Travis and Cannondale!!! If I was to buy any road bike this year it would have to be the CAAD 9 1 so thats exactly what I received. A 16lb super stiff full dura ace road bike that retails for $3300. A perfect bike for any self funded racer!

I fly to the tropical temps of Costa Rica Monday December 14 and am now riding the rollers every day to somehow reduce the high volume my pain box will soon receive. Im told this is one of the hardest races in the world (course wize) with mountain almost every day and apparently one stage with a 70km long climb. I hit the tanning booth up for the first time ever today. Hopefully it will help prepare my Irish complexion. I tried to get my 3rd Twinrix vaccination today but apparently there is a nationwide shortage. Planning on attending the Trade and Booze Friday and the Revo Christmas party Saturday. Super pumped for both! My french connection Benoit was in town passing on some Specialized knowledge to the Edmonton dealers and he hooked me up with a BG bike fit. Thanks Benoit!

CC aka Wildcat

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